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Today was all about time, in more ways than one. The first thing we did was sit in on the morning budget meeting. (Though “stand…

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Today was the very first day of my internship at the Washington Post. It’s incredibly surreal to be doing something that I’ve anticipated for so…

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I was too excited about today to blog last night, so here’s a day-late update.   I went to National City Christian Church. It’s not…

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The third day into my photo-a-day challenge, and I’ve already fallen down on the job. I will not count this as a loss, however, because…

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Today was my unofficial day to eat new things. So I started with Ben’s Chili Bowl. I honestly wasn’t that crazy about the chili, but…

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Today, after far too much anticipation and probably too little preparation, I arrived in DC for my summer internship. I packed up my life in…

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