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The benefits of cycling include but are not limited to: Not getting sat on my overly large people who want half of my bus seat, not sitting in all of Chicago's germs on public transit, fresh air, exercise, gorgeous lakefront bike paths, and thighs of steel.

A new Billings, LLC. (ad)venture

I’d like to introduce my new signature scent, Freshly Minted Cyclist. This tantalizing parfum is made daily in small batches, so each bottle will be its own unique fragrance. However, we guarantee that your purchase will contain the essences of chain grease, sweat, rubber, and bruised ego. Your special variation may also include the delicate [...]

I hadn't worn a number since I showed horses in college. Amusingly, the horse show experience — where you wear your number on your back — made for a surprise when I showed up to the race and saw everyone wearing the number on their fronts.

Move over, Usain Bolt

Though I’ve always been pretty active, I’ve always detested running. I’d much prefer to lift weights, or ride a bike. Running bores me, frankly. I told this to my friend Jennie when we were discussing getting into better shape a few months ago. Her goal was to run her first 5K, she said. Inspired, I [...]

My ill-fated apple pie. The low point of my baking career. (Okay, maybe that was the over-tequilaed margarita cupcakes. Those were pretty awful.)

A pinch of perfection, a dash of delight

I’ve been baking a lot lately. Cooking, more than anything else, always seems to make a place feel like home. (Though, I have to admit, I anticipated a lot more “baking weather” from Chicago — it’s been beautiful out!) And, fortunately for me, I have coworkers who are more than willing to eat whatever sinful [...]