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What's that behind me? It follows me wherever I go!

Finding “The Dress”

Friends will carry your train while you try on wedding dresses. Good friends will hum the wedding march. Best friends wil morph the wedding march into the Imperial March from Star Wars when they get bored. Last Friday, I flew home to California to go wedding dress shopping, a concept that I was about as [...]

The pianos at the Harold Washington Library remind me greatly of the old piano I grew up playing.


When I was four or five, my parents acquired a piano out of sheer misfortune. Someone owed them some money, and instead of paying, gave them an old, untunable piano that had sat in a church somewhere for the past half-century. It had misshapen legs that didn’t touch the ground, and the ivory on the [...]

Thanks to Elizabeth for capturing visually something to which a thousand words can't do justice.

Trib Apps in tiaras

I looked at my boss, sitting next to me in a hanging acrylic bubble chair, and then at my project manager, enthusiastically showing off her astoundingly large tiara collection, and back at my boss. “Sometimes,” I began, and shook my head. “Sometimes I’m pretty sure my life is actually a sitcom in another universe.” He [...]

The Trials of Being a Considerate Person

I was lucky enough to get to spend part of this week in San Francisco for work. (Yes, I know, my life is so difficult.) Though I’ve never lived in SF or otherwise spent a great deal of time in the Bay Area, I’ve somehow ended up with a disproportionate number of friends there. So [...]

Delicious, delicious pancakes.

Thousand-mile pancakes

Sludge and I went home. We had to think about the case. I made pancakes for myself. I gave Sludge a bone. —Nate the Great and the Stolen Base Nate the Great was one of my most-loved books as a child. (Or maybe it was my dad’s most-loved book. I’m not exactly sure.) Whenever the [...]

Amy, me, Hannah and Sam (Leen is both camera-shy AND a photographer). The sofa was such that it sloped in toward the middle, resulting in awkward inadvertent snuggling. Hannah has wisely chosen to use the pillows to keep Sam away. ;-)

Introverts and the people they love

“So, if you feel like an impromptu road trip this weekend…” began the text message. Three days later — this past Sunday — I was speeding across Indiana with my friend Hannah, heading toward Ohio and our good friends Sam and Leen, whom neither of us had seen for nearly six years. I didn’t think [...]