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The Christmas gift that almost wasn’t

The Christmas gift that almost wasn’t

I’ve known since about last May that I wanted to get Drew a baritone guitar. He dropped it casually one weekend at his family’s farm. “One of these days, I’d really like to get a baritone.” Not being a guitarist myself, I was a bit taken aback by his desire to purchase an opera singer. [...]

The Boys on New Year's Eve

In with the new year

With new years come new resolutions (though mine is still 1024×768). The past year has been a whirlwind for me, and I’ve not been blogging or journaling or talking to friends and family as much as I’d like because there are things that Must Be Done. Or because I’m exhausted from doing the things that [...]

Working at a coffee shop never results in overcaffeination.

Down on the farm

When Drew and I were on our honeymoon (of which I need to write and post pics), we agreed that every six weeks or so, we would take a weekend trip somewhere. Just to get away from everything, silly as it may seem for newlyweds to need to get away. This past weekend marked six [...]

Planning a wedding for all it’s worth

Sometimes the smallest things in life are the ones worth remembering. At your graduation, it’s not necessarily walking across the stage to get your diploma that you want to remember: it’s the jokes you told with your friends backstage moments before, as you all breathlessly tried to freeze in memory the last four…or five…or six…years. [...]

What's that behind me? It follows me wherever I go!

Finding “The Dress”

Friends will carry your train while you try on wedding dresses. Good friends will hum the wedding march. Best friends wil morph the wedding march into the Imperial March from Star Wars when they get bored. Last Friday, I flew home to California to go wedding dress shopping, a concept that I was about as [...]

We went ring shopping twice. He bought what he would have bought had we not gone shopping. I can't stop looking at my hand to make sure I didn't just imagine all of this.

How I got engaged — and why

In early August, I believe, Drew took me on a dinner date to Chinatown, where I had chicken curry in a coconut and he made fun of me for using chopsticks. (He’s just jealous of my hand-eye coordination.) We strolled around outside for a bit, enjoying the summer evening, eventually ending up on the 18th [...]

At AT&T Park, watching the game after the Giants secured a playoff spot. Anticlimactic, but a great excuse to be together.

Together, we’re family

Had you told me five years ago that my mom would become a baseball junkie, I’d have assumed that you confused her with someone else. My growing-up years heard her disparage professional sports — all sports — as pointless wastes of effort and money; glorification of an unsustainable lifestyle riddled with the seediest of human [...]

The Return of Facebook

I quit Facebook on Jan. 1. I signed back up on Oct. 1. It wasn’t because I missed Facebook. It wasn’t because I felt disconnected from my friends. Yes, there were one or two people I regretted losing touch with, but Facebook didn’t really connect us in any meaningful way, anyway. It just served as [...]

Mom thinks we ordered too much food at Heaven on Seven.


It’s been so great having Mom here for the last couple of weeks. When a visit lasts a weekend, or even the better part of a week, the urge is always to cram as much as humanly possible into the time you’ve got. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, but it’s not a sustainable thing. [...]

View of Chicago Botanic Garden's Evening Island, a five-acre island that is home to a carillion (bell tower of 23 bells), lots of geese, and endless bushes of Russian sage.

“Growing” up

When you grow up in a family that owns a plant-based business, you spend a lot of time rolling your eyes as your parents discuss things like what kind of lavender is growing in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyland. You also live in constant fear of family vacations becoming outings to local nurseries and [...]