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Sitting on a stone in the sun
Sitting on a stone in the sun.
If Trib Apps had a sacred animal, it would be a cow. But not the kind the Hindu religion honors. Our sacred cow would be served lovingly on French rolls with hot giardinera.

Food is a religious experience on this team, so you can imagine my horror at accidentally missing the lunch train today. I wandered outside, confused. Surely I could manage to feed myself, right?

I made my way down State Street and eventually remembered that there was a Frontera Fresco in Macy’s. After obtaining a Rick Bayless-riffic quesadilla, I hightailed it back to Trib Tower to eat at my desk.

As I crossed the river, though, the sunlight and trees along the bank looked too wonderful to leave behind. I told the part of my brain that never quite shuts off work to be still. My brain paused, not used to such demands. I quickly distracted it with chipotle chicken, showed it a few boats, and it acquiesced. Perhaps if I practice enough picnic lunches, I will need to pull fewer tricks on it to convince it that the sunshine and green grass is worth taking time for.

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