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Little bro is all grown up

Contrary to what this image may suggest, my brother's name is not, in fact, "Craig."
Contrary to what this image may suggest, my brother's name is not, in fact, "Craig."
Carson has always liked wrapping presents twice (or more), just because it makes it more difficult to open. So I knew when I got an envelope with another envelope inside it that it was from him.


My little brother is graduating from college in May. Cum laude, with a degree in business finance, specialization in real estate and “urban land economics.” I don’t think they’ll be able to get the full title on his diploma.

I can’t believe it’s been five years. I remember commuting with him for his first two (and my last two) years of college. I purposely bothered him sometimes by singing loudly to music that he didn’t like. He whined when I got in the car smelling like horses. His last year of college, he and his best friend and I all commuted together in my little Ford Ranger. We took turns toughing it out in the suicide seats.

He stuck it out at late nights at the Collegian, waiting for me to finish up my webmasterly duties so we could drive the hour home. (He tried desperately not to schedule class for Tuesdays or Thursdays, when he knew I’d be late.) And he missed my privileged faculty parking pass, which came with my Collegian gig, when I finally graduated.

I left the state in his sophomore year, which means I missed out on a lot. But I’ve loved hearing how he’s slowly discovered his passion, gotten involved with student leadership, and pursued activities that I never would have predicted (Financial Management Association?! Who is this guy?). I can’t wait to go home for his ceremony — even if it IS at 8 in the morning. (Kid, you owe me.)

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