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My brother, when I texted him this pic, replied, "God has dandruff"
“25, feels like 16,” I texted my best friend Sarah.

“I thought you were talking about ages, not temperatures :-p” was the response.

I’d never felt 16 degrees before. To my surprise, it really wasn’t that much worse than 30 (at least until the wind kicked up and went right through my thick wool coat).

My plan to outwit the cold is pretty much entirely mental. Someone gave me the sage advice to not break out my warmest stuff until it was AT LEAST ZERO. What. Zero?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?

I’ve been doing pretty well so far. Perhaps that’s because I’m not entirely convinced it’s real. I keep wandering around, watching Christmas decorations go up, and thinking to myself, “Am I in a movie? This is what Christmas looks like in movies. OH HEY THAT IS HOW YOU WEAR A SCARF! I HAVE SEEN SCARVES LIKE THAT IN MOVIES!”

I’m sure the novelty will wear off in, say, March, when I’m still wearing three layers and trudging through the snow, but right now, I feel like Mary Tyler Moore in the final frame of her show’s intro. I’m gonna make it after all.

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