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Brian flies Trib Apps' new drone FOR GREAT JOURNALISM. (And y'all wonder why I love my job so much.)

Overheard in the newsroom

The newsroom is a pretty crazy place, and journalists are just a little bit loopy sometimes. Here are a few of the more entertaining things I’ve heard in the past month, including a couple of things from yours truly that got “oh-ayched” on Twitter. “That’s the smell of synergy.” (On how often geeks do laundry.) [...]

Screw you, Today's Chicago Man.

On being a woman

Outside Tribune Tower is an enormous statue of Marilyn Monroe. She straddles a giant replica of a subway grate, bent over, head thrown back in the classic Seven-Year Itch pose. (It’s become a favorite game of mine, when I need a break, to go to the lunchroom and see how many people in a fifteen-minute [...]

Oh, for the love of God…

Journalism is one of those things that requires a lot of fine-line walking. You look at your own biases so carefully that you almost become afraid of them. This is especially true when your biases — your opinions, hopes, dreams, and beliefs — tend toward the easily caricatured and oft misunderstood. The predominating thought says [...]

My brother, when I texted him this pic, replied, "God has dandruff"


“25, feels like 16,” I texted my best friend Sarah. “I thought you were talking about ages, not temperatures :-p” was the response. I’d never felt 16 degrees before. To my surprise, it really wasn’t that much worse than 30 (at least until the wind kicked up and went right through my thick wool coat). [...]

Attempting to express my Bulldog spirit on graduation day. Succeeding in looking ridiculous.

Anybody, any time, anywhere

Anyone who knows me well knows that sports are something I enjoy about as much as woolen underpants. I don’t understand most sports’ rules, I can’t sit still that long, and I don’t like the thought of people ripping one another apart over a ball. Despite that, just for a moment, let me raise the [...]

WordPress suggests I title this "The Mona Lisa." Instead, I'm going with "Study in Smudges and Shavings."

Charcoal and code

All the many strange and difficult-to-explain things that I do can be summed up rather neatly: I am a maker of things. It’s a very generic description, but I have discovered that it is an important distinction. Some people are orchestrators of things, and in fact without them, makers of things would probably never get [...]