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Accidental Zen

I’d been needing to clean my kitchen floor. Two cups of hot tea had not been my intended method.

I got up extra early for work so I could get a jump start on my day. While I love what I’m doing, there’s no question that it’s a steep learning curve. Sometimes I just have to remind myself to breathe and to be okay with asking stupid questions. I figured some extra time in the morning would help me crank a few things out.

I decided to take a thermos of tea with me, since it was early. I’d bought some “de-stress” green tea from my favorite tea brand. Heaven knows I can stand to de-stress!

I microwaved two mugs of water and poured them in, adding a tea bag whose paper read, “May this day bring you peace, tranquility, and harmony.” I smiled. A good omen, I thought. This was going to be a good, productive day, even if it was intense.

I’m a butterfingers, even more so when I’m not fully awake. Somehow, in trying to screw the lid on, the body of the thermos went flying. In that moment, I was very glad I’d decided against making coffee with the thermos’ built-in French press. Every towel within reach went on the ground. It was then that I learned that my stainproof red kitchen run wasn’t colorfast. Fabulous. Red feet were exactly what I needed to get through the day.

With every kitchen towel I owned on my floor, I sighed. I glared at the thermos. I would not be defeated. I heated more water and used the same teabag, with the same promise of tranquility. Peace doesn’t come through being undisturbed, I told myself. Peace comes from being determined to see the disturbance through.

I kicked ass today. Related? I don’t know. Satisfactory? Definitely.

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