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Good for the body and the soul
Good for the body and the soul
I watched DC disappear in a filmstrip of monuments and landmarks. After a week of frantic packing, goodbyes and loose end-tying, I made a slow escape from the city that had become home.

I’ll miss seeing the Washington Monument on my walk to work every morning. The farmers’ markets and the local hangouts. I made incredible friends, got to work on fantastic projects, and learned from the best in my business. I danced until midnight and worked 12-hour days. A girl couldn’t have had a better summer.

I’d wanted to stay in DC. And while I had the opportunity to do so, what I’ve been offered at the Chicago Tribune is everything I’d wanted to find in a job. I can’t wait to get started.

But before I launch into Python and PHP full-time, I have two glorious weeks at home. I’m spending it backpacking in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, enjoying time with friends, and preparing for my new life in Chicago. I’m recharging my batteries. The next few weeks promise to be incredibly crazy and I’ll need every small bit of sanity I can lay my hands on.

To all of you who have read this blog through the summer; to you who have supported and encouraged me; to you who have kept me on the right track: Thank you. I wouldn’t be ready to go on this next adventure without you.

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