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things I have learned

  1. Rooftop bar at sunset
    27: Rooftops are the best places to watch sunsets.

    Sometimes a $12 Long Island iced tea is worth it (especially if it comes with a view).

  2. There are too many awesome people in the world for me to ever be able to meet them all.
  3. I never know what to say when people ask what I’ve been doing.
  4. I have some of the best friends in the world.
  5. I have some of the worst friends in the world.
  6. I am often a pretty terrible friend myself.
  7. Talking too much programming will cause people to glaze over and a kind friend will have to intervene on my behalf.
  8. My iron will set off my fire alarm.
  9. The stove will set off my fire alarm.
  10. A grilled cheese sandwich sitting on a plate will set off my fire alarm.
  11. There are bars in D.C. that close their kitchens before 11 p.m. on a Friday.
  12. I want to stay in D.C.
  13. I don’t want to stay in D.C.
  14. I probably won’t be able to stay in D.C. anyway.
  15. Being an intern makes me feel old.
  16. Javascript is a dish best served cold.
  17. There is such a thing as too much chocolate.
  18. I can’t tell it’s summer, because everything is still green and it keeps raining.
  19. I always think Van Halen’s “Jump” is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” when it first starts.
  20. I can happily survive on two granola bars and a freeze-dried dinner during a day I hike 15 miles, but I eat three times that when I sit at my computer for 12 hours straight.
  21. All my pants are too long for me to wear with flats.
  22. Everyone is hungry for something, but only a few people will put forth the effort to prepare a gourmet meal. Most will settle for McDonalds.
  23. There is a time and place for speaking your mind. I never know when that is, so I speak it all the time.
  24. Standing on a subway grate really will cause your dress to fly up like Marilyn Monroe’s.
  25. Some people absolutely love who I am. I will never understand why.
  26. Some people love me despite who I am. I will never understand why.

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  1. Goosey


    I love you, I hope I’m on the best friends list and not the other one, and I want to hear all three fire alarm stories, especially the one about the grilled cheese sandwich. :D

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