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Found it!

Me in a corner at Mid City Caffe
Me in a corner at Mid City Caffe

I think my search for “my” coffee shop may be over. Today I found Mid City Caffe, which, in addition to being mere minutes from my apartment, has that semi-hipster vibe that Giant had. Okay, it got pretty hipster around 6, when a guy with an acoustic guitar came in, but until then it was equal parts chill and pretentious.

This part of D.C. is actually pretty similar to Downtown Phoenix, in that it’s recovering from being a dangerous, nasty part of town. U St. was almost destroyed by race riots in the ’60s and apparently became Drug Alley between the ’70s and the ’90s. Now, like PHX, it’s got homeless bums and cute little shops; shabby old buildings and lots of culture; art and vibes and one little coffee shop that made my afternoon.

The coffee’s still not as good as Giant/Royal, but it’s the best I’ve had here. (I still need to check out Qualia and Chinatown Coffee Co.) It’s upstairs, sitting over an antique/vintage/oddity shop, sort of like Giant shares a space with Bunky Boutique. It’s got huge windows that overlook the street, like Giant. (It’s sadly lacking in the pastry department, though. Matt Poole’s fresh-made bagels and veggie cream cheese can’t be beat.)

And they serve a basil mint latte. I saved that to try next time. I think there will be many next times. Happy caffeination!

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