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So close

I spent spring break of 2011 in Washington, D.C., apartment-hunting and getting the lay of the land (as any of my good friends can tell you, I’m incredibly directionally challenged and need a lot of practice before I can successfully navigate a new place). I’ve been getting increasingly sad about leaving Phoenix just as it started feeling like home. I’ve got a good church, good friends and an apartment I absolutely love. I’m an hour’s flight from home and family. I’ve just now found all the good little coffee shops to spend a Saturday afternoon working in, and this semester I actually have time for a social life. (Mind you, instead of spending that time actually being social, I spend it coding.)

But by the end of today, D.C. had started to feel like home, too. Maybe it’s because I already have friends there. A few of them were incredibly generous with their time this weekend, welcoming me to their world and explaining it to me. Much love to you all for making a cross-country move seem less daunting to a little country girl.

Words can almost not even express how much I do not want to leave D.C. Feel like I’ve found an incredibly synergistic creative atmosphere, gotten a taste of the “real world,” and found amazing, good people who “get” me. But I know that God has a reason for keeping me in Arizona longer, and I’m very grateful He’s allowed me a sneak peek at what’s waiting for me.

“Count it all joy when you face various temptations, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” (James something:something)

The biggest temptation ever right now is to slack, allowing myself to spend time daydreaming about doing something else in a place I’m not. But that isn’t how life works. That’s a great way to overlook the blessings that are right under your nose. So my goal is to appreciate the time I have left in Arizona, where I am also surrounded by wonderful people, and try not to get too caught up in what the future holds. I need to work harder than ever right now to make sure I’m ready for the challenges that await me . . . in freaking Washington, D.C.

Eight weeks, 55 days, 33 class days until graduation.

Nine to 11 weeks until I move.

I can do this. But I am going to have developed one HELL of a lot of patience by the time I finally move.

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