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New year, new blog, new life

I’m struck by the importance we give beginnings. We find them intimidating yet enticing; full of promise; full of redemption. We celebrate one-month anniversaries, grand re-openings, “first annual” events and odometers rolling over to even thousands.

But really, beginnings aren’t special on their own. It’s how we color them with our past experiences and future goals that makes them meaningful. Sometimes, the important thing is what we had to choose to end in order to make a beginning possible.

This year holds a lot of beginnings for me.

  • I’ve committed to following along with a Python programming class for journalists, the first really useful language I will ever have learned*
  • I’ll be overhauling the 500+ page behemoth that is my parents’ business’ Website. It hasn’t had a design update since the late ’90s.
  • With my graduation in May, I become a real person for the first time.
  • I’ll be moving to DC for a summer internship with the Washington Post. With luck, I’ll manage to stay in DC after the internship is over. I’ve never lived anywhere other than the West Coast, so the culture shock will be huge.
*not counting HTML/CSS/XML, which aren’t programming languages per se, or C++, which lord knows I can’t really use for anything

With the purchase of my personal domain name for my portfolio, I’ve decided to transition back to being my personal site. I’ve been getting more and more leery of entrusting my personal data to third-party sites like Facebook. Being the control freak I am, I’d like to make sure I retain my own creations in their entirety.

So I’m not entirely sure where this blog will end up going, but I sure am going to enjoy the ride.

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