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The Bar -B Brand: A digital cowgirl's home on the electric range
The Christmas gift that almost wasn’t

The Christmas gift that almost wasn’t

I’ve known since about last May that I wanted to get Drew a baritone guitar. He dropped it casually one weekend at his family’s farm. “One of these days, I’d really like to get a baritone.” Not being a guitarist myself, I was a bit taken aback by his desire to purchase an opera singer. [...]

Milwaukee is for lovers

Milwaukee is for lovers

One of the things that made me realize Drew was something else was that it didn’t matter if we were doing “something” or absolutely nothing. Some of my fondest dating memories are of sitting on park benches and killing time in coffee shops. The only trip we took together before we were married was to [...]

This is how you keep your face warm.

Polar fleece and polar vortices

It’s incredible what you can get used to. After wind chills hit nearly -40 degrees (yes, negative forty) the second week in January, the 30-degree weather we’ve had in the past few days has felt like bikini weather. With Round 2 of Polar Vortex Fun heading for us sometime in the next two weeks, I’ve [...]

The Boys on New Year's Eve

In with the new year

With new years come new resolutions (though mine is still 1024×768). The past year has been a whirlwind for me, and I’ve not been blogging or journaling or talking to friends and family as much as I’d like because there are things that Must Be Done. Or because I’m exhausted from doing the things that [...]

Working at a coffee shop never results in overcaffeination.

Down on the farm

When Drew and I were on our honeymoon (of which I need to write and post pics), we agreed that every six weeks or so, we would take a weekend trip somewhere. Just to get away from everything, silly as it may seem for newlyweds to need to get away. This past weekend marked six [...]

Love at second sight

I ran across this post I wrote back in February that for some reason was never published. Here, for the record, is how I met Drew. I first saw him early one Sunday morning as we both volunteered at church, though our roles could not have been more different. He was on stage, warming up [...]

Planning a wedding for all it’s worth

Sometimes the smallest things in life are the ones worth remembering. At your graduation, it’s not necessarily walking across the stage to get your diploma that you want to remember: it’s the jokes you told with your friends backstage moments before, as you all breathlessly tried to freeze in memory the last four…or five…or six…years. [...]

Sometimes I miss my car.

There are two seasons in Chicago: Bike season and bus season. (Unless you are like my insane coworkers David and Chris, who bike throughout the year. They assure me it’s all about having the right winter gear.) Bike season has been promising to come for several weeks, doing a titillating sort of dance where it [...]

What's that behind me? It follows me wherever I go!

Finding “The Dress”

Friends will carry your train while you try on wedding dresses. Good friends will hum the wedding march. Best friends wil morph the wedding march into the Imperial March from Star Wars when they get bored. Last Friday, I flew home to California to go wedding dress shopping, a concept that I was about as [...]

The keys to the condo I thought I would never close on.

On the move again

I’m surrounded by way too much crap to fit in the few boxes I have. I thought I’d saved more of the many boxes my parents have sent over the past eighteen months. It certainly seemed at times like I couldn’t turn around without stepping on cardboard. Yet here I am, packing once more, sticking [...]